Thursday, February 6, 2014

What does a picture tell?

In a small town, there stands a store. The store consists of a beige labyrinth of passageways. This beige maze stretches the length and width of the store where rights and lefts occur in such a way as to wrangle you into displays. It winds past sales and features and encompasses general products to be bought on a whim. In this maze, there is a girl. She stares. She watches people try to escape the maze, only to be distracted by exclamation points, bold prints and discounts. She stares and waits. Waits for acknowledgement, acknowledgement that will never come. She is passed by time and time again. She waits with a sadness unable to be seen on her face or in her motions. It is such a still sadness, only a trace can be detected in her glossy eyes. No tears. No cries. No questions. She stares. There is another girl, a different girl. She laughs and runs, she skips and dances. Her bright blue eyes explode with wonder and amusement. She is filled with happiness and it shows, on her face and in her motions. It is such a fluid happiness, it is revealed throughout her whole being. Such laughter. Such joy. Such excitement. And then she stops. She stares. The two girls find each other in the maze. In a place filled with colorful distractions, these girls only see each other. The happy girl cautiously steps forward. She takes her hand and brings it gently to the sad girl’s face. She softly caresses her cheek and slides her hand across her hair. She is enamored. Her eyes search the sad girl’s eyes and her eyebrows crinkle in confusion. She feels the sadness emitting from the small girl. She does the only thing she knows that can take away such intense sadness. She hugs the girl. Her aura of happiness invades the sad girl’s space, filling it with an electricity she has never known before. The hug lasts longer than hugs last. Each girl learning the other’s secrets, hopes and dreams. The happy girl steps back and kisses the sad girl’s cheek. She holds her hands. She stares. The sad girl feels such emotion, but she cannot voice it or show it. She can only stare. The happy girl is reluctant to leave, but she must. She brushes her hand against the sad girl’s hair and steps away carrying leftover sadness with her. She makes her way through the maze, not fully understanding of what had just occurred. She begins to laugh again. The sad girl just stares. But her thoughts are unable to contain her frustration, she knows the happy girl could sense her despair. She stares. She thinks, “Save me.” She hears a whisper of laughter pass by her ear, “I will.” 

She hopes.

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